Chuck Pierce – September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012


I say to you the rivers of this state shall begin to fill, for this is a season that the heavens are shaking and in the midst of the heavens shaking you are on the verge of the greatest breakthrough that you’ve ever know in the state. I say to you do not back up, do not back up, for the rivers will now begin to fill and flood and the rivers that have never contended will now being to contend. I say to you, there will be a divine splitting at places that you would not have thought that rivers would overflow and split, that which was joined together here in CA. I say CA will now unhook its unholy alliances. The rivers will rise and all unholy alliances will begin to split saith the Lord. I say to you the bitterness of the robbing of the gold and structure of resources in this state now will come to a head and a new reconciliation will occur and a new glory arise. I say along the main river system of this state, and I know nothing of what I’m saying, I have no idea of where the river structure of this state is. Along the main river structure of this  state there has been great contention and great iniquity that has been performed.

I say to you now, that which has caused demons to root in and hold this state captive will now be rooted out through worship. I say a new apostolic breed is arising through this state and there will be a great shaking in the north as a sign and great splitting of the river system were it’s never split before. And in the midst of it you will know that, that which was rooted deep now has lost its control of this state and that which has ruled the heaven has lost its authority to rule and a whole new Party structure will arise from this state that creates a new move throughout this land. I say to my people in this state, do not back up, do not back up when the rains begin to fall. Do not back up for I will send a sign up on this state that says the monitorial structure will now change. And I will cause my people who have rejected my move, and moved in my move, up to the point of breakthrough and then backed off, I say this time a kingdom people will arise. And the wind will not only blow, the fire of God will come and this state will become a Glory Bed for my kingdom purposes. I say to you now, let the visions come and the handshakes begin to let go and begin to form new and afresh , saith the Lord.

Now here’s the anointing I saw coming across this state. It’s those who have charismatic root, those that have revival root. It will be like Samson, pushing once again and causing that which was held and that which was compromised in past seasons all the sudden, the pillars of this state will begin to crumble and a new structure will now rise up saith the Lord.

So Lord we say, let the move of Samson begin in this state, rise up and let a new move come from the Charismatic Movement, a new push that pushes open the next move of God in the next generation. Now Father we ask now for the Heavens to re-align for the earth to re-align and for that which has been held tight in California stopping the glory from rising and over taking, we say now the glory will rise up and the ground must give up its glory!

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